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Fixed partial dentures, commonly known as dental bridges, are a popular and effective solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. These restorations consist of prosthetic teeth (pontics) attached to dental crowns on either side. The crowns are securely anchored to the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants, creating a fixed and stable replacement for the missing teeth.

Benefits of Fixed Partial Dentures

Aesthetic Improvement
Bridges are crafted to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural appearance.
Functional Restoration
Bridges restore the ability to chew and speak properly, maintaining the natural alignment of your bite.
Prevention of Oral Health Issues
By filling the gap left by missing teeth, fixed partial dentures help prevent issues such as shifting of adjacent teeth and potential jaw joint problems.

Our Fixed Partial Denture Procedure

Comprehensive Consultation
We conduct a thorough examination, including X-rays, to assess your oral health and discuss your goals.
Custom Treatment Plan
Based on the evaluation, we create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns.
Impressions and Design
Impressions are taken to create a customized fit. The design ensures a natural appearance and proper function.
The bridge is securely placed, and adjustments are made to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.